Art on Film 2013

Program of films on contemporary art from the archive of Lo Schermo dell’arte Film Festival
In collaboration with Casa Masaccio. Center for Contemporary Art

The program has been organized, with the support of Toscanaincontemporanea2012, through the collaboration between Casa Masaccio and Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival.

[tabgroup] [tab title=”INFORMATION”]From September 7th to October 12th, 2013
Stazione Ceramica
Via Mannozzi
San Giovanni Valdarno

Free entrance / original version with Italian subtitles

[tab title=”PROGRAM”]
[mini-icon icon=”time”] Saturday, September 7 – 2013 h. 9:00pm
[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” color=”white”]Hiroshi Sugimoto – Visions in My Mind[/button]
by Maria Anna Tappeiner, Germany 2007, 43′

[mini-icon icon=”time”] Friday, September 13 – 2013 h. 9:00pm
[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” color=”white”]Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, the Mistress and the Tangerine[/button]
by Marion Cajori, Amei Wallach, USA 2008, 99′

[mini-icon icon=”time”] Friday, September 20 – 2013 h. 9:00pm
[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” color=”white”]The World According to Kapoor – A Portrait of Anish Kapoor[/button]
by Heinz Peter Schwerfel, France/GB 2011, 52′

[mini-icon icon=”time”] Friday, October 4 – 2013 h. 9:00pm
[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” color=”white”]Opalka – One Life, One Oeuvre[/button]
by Andrzej Sapija, Polond 2011, 54′

[mini-icon icon=”time”] Saturday October 12 – 2013 h. 9:00pm
[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” color=”white”]William Kentridge: Anything is Possible[/button]
by Susan Sollins, Charles Atlas, USA 2010, 54′[/tab] [/tabgroup]

Art on Film 2015
2nd edition

Program of films on contemporary art from the archive of Lo Schermo dell’arte Film Festival
In collaboration with Casa Masaccio centro per l’arte contemporanea

[tab title=”INFORMATION”]February, 13 – March 13, 2015
Palazzo d’Arnolfo – Museo delle Terre Nuove
San Giovanni Valdarno
Piazza Cavour 1

Free entrance / original version with Italian subtitles

[tab title=”PROGRAM”]
[mini-icon icon=”time”] Friday, February 13th at 9:15 pm
Sol LeWitt
by Chris Teerink, The Netherlands, 2012, 72′

[mini-icon icon=”time”] Friday, February, 20th at 9:15 pm
Open Field
by Juan Carlos Martín, Mexico, 2013, 75′

[mini-icon icon=”time”] Friday, February 27th at 9:15 pm
Olafur Eliasson – Space is Process
by Henrik Lundø & Jacob Jørgensen, Denmark, 2009, 52′

[mini-icon icon=”time”] Friday, March 6th at 9:15 pm
Sophie Calle. Untitled
by Victoria Clay Mendoza, France, 2012, 52′

[mini-icon icon=”time”] Friday, March 13th at 9:15 pm
The Human Scale
by Andreas Dalsgaard, Denmark, 2012, 83′



A program of art films and documentaries dedicated to contemporary art
Cineporti of Puglia, Lecce
October 6 – 8 2015

The programme, financed by Apulia Film Commission, is curated by Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival in collaboration with Associazione Culturale Assay, will present eight films, in their original language, with Italian subtitles: documentaries on protagonists of the international art scene such as William Kentridge and Anish Kapoor; and films produced by artists whose work is characterized by an innovative and original use of moving images, such as Yuri Ancarani, Flatform, Doug Aitken and Luca Bolognesi.

The screenings will be introduced by Silvia Lucchesi, director of Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival, Davide Giannella, curator of the exhibition “Glitch. Interferences between art and cinema”, held at PAC Milano (2014), and by artist Yuri Ancarani, winner of numerous international Festivals.

A program of art films and documentaries dedicated to contemporary art
Cineporti of Puglia, Lecce
October 6 – 8 2015

All films are shown in original language with subtitles in Italian.
Free admission


[tab title=”PROGRAM”]
[mini-icon icon=”time”] Tuesday October 6
7.00 pm
Introduction by Silvia Lucchesi, directrix of Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival, and Yuri Ancarani, artist and director

7.30 pm
[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” ]William Kentridge Anything Is Possible[/button]
by Susan Sollins, Charles Atlas, USA, 2010, 54′

8.45 pm
Trilogia by Yuri Ancarani
[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” ]Il capo[/button]
Italy, 2010, 15’
[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” ]Piattaforma Luna[/button]
Italy, 2011, 25’
[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” ]Da Vinci[/button]
Italy, 2012, 25’

Will follow Q&A with Yuri Ancarani

[mini-icon icon=”time”] Wednesday October 7
7.00 pm
Introduction by Silvia Lucchesi and Davide Giannella, curator of the exhibition
Glitch. Interferences between art and cinema, PAC, Milano, 2014

7.30 pm
[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” ]Trento Symphonia[/button]
by Flatform, Italy/France, 2014, 20′

8.00 pm
[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” ]Station to Station[/button]
by Doug Aitken, USA, 2014, 71′

Will follow Q&A with Davide Giannella

[mini-icon icon=”time”] Thursday October 8
7.00 pm
Introduction by Silvia Lucchesi – Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival

7.30 pm
[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” ]The World According to Kapoor[/button]
by Heinz Peter Schwerfel, France/UK, 2011, 52′

8.40 pm
[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” ]Ladies and Gentlemen[/button]
by Luca Bolognesi, Italy, 2011, 21′

Will follow Q&A with Silvia Lucchesi



Arte torna arte. Sei film intorno ad una mostra

Six Films around an Exhibition is a film program, curated by Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival, organized to accompany the exhibition Art Returns to Art, which presents over forty works by thirty-two contemporary artists in the historic rooms of the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence (May 8-November 4, 2012).

promoted by the Galleria dell’Accademia
organized by Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival
in collaboration with Odeon Firenze


May 23 to 25, 2012
Odeon Firenze, Piazza Strozzi, Florence
starting at 9 pm

All films are shown in original language, with Italian subtitles




May 23

9.00 pm

 9.30 pm
Crows from Dreams
by Akira Kurosawa, Japan, 1990, 12′

This is the 5th of the 8 episodes in Kurosawa’s film, Dreams. In Crows, a young painter (the director’s alter-ego) finds himself transported into one of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings, searching for the great master. He wanders through landscapes painted by the Dutch artist (an extraordinary special effect obtained through digital technology) until he finds him (played by Martin Scorsese), on a path through a wheatfield. A pistol-shot is heard. A murder of frightened crows flies away. Brought back to reality, the protagonist finds himself in a museum, in front of “Wheatfield with Crows Under a Stormy Sky”, the last picture Van Gogh painted before committing suicide.

9.45 pm
The Belly of an Architect
by Peter Greenaway, UK/Italy, 1987, 118’

American architect Stourley Kracklite arrives in Rome, accompanied by his young pregnant wife, to organize an exhibition dedicated to the architect Etienne Louis Boullée, the subject of his expert connoisseurship. Several of Rome’s symbolic buildings, including the Pantheon, Hadrian’s Villa at Tivoli and the Vittorio Emanuele II monument, as well as several of Boullée’s incompleted utopian projects, form the backdrop of the descending parabola of the protagonist, who’s obsessed with the terminal illness that has stricken his midsection.

May 24

9.00 pm
Russian Ark
by Alexander Sokurov, Germany/Russia, 2001, 96’

The TV camera takes the spectator on a journey through time and the artworks collected in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. The guide is an 18th century French diplomat. An extraordinary production (a cast of 4.500 actors and crowd-scene players, 3 orchestras, 22 assistant directors, 50 electricians), the film consists of a single tracking digital shot. Through the Palace’s salons, halls and chambers, the visitors encounter the people who once lived there, Peter the Great, Catherine II, Nicholas II, last of the Romanovs, and the tourists of our time.


10.45 pm
Jan Fabre au Louvre
by Wannes Peremans, Belgium, 2008, 48’

In 2008, for the first time in its history, the Louvre Museum took on contemporary art. The film follows Belgian artist Jan Fabre through the preparatory stages of the exhibition L’ange de la métamorphose, installed in the rooms devoted to painters of the Nordic School. An incisive, penetrating look at the artist’s work-processes, the documentary is also a peek behind the scenes at one of the world’s most important museums.

.May 25

9.00 pm
Francis Bacon. The Brutality of Fact
by Michael Blackwood, USA, 1985, 75’

From his studio in Chelsea, Francis Bacon answers questions asked by his friend, the art critic David Sylvester. The film is the result of a recording made of this extraordinary encounter, which took place over three days, and remains a fascinating document on the artistic vision of one of the greatest masters of the second half of the 20th century.

 10.30 pm
Seven Easy Pieces by Marina Abramović 
by Babette Mangolte, USA, 2007, 93’

Filmed over 15 years, the film is an intense portrait of the French-American artist, protagonist of the first solo show ever dedicated to a woman at MoMA in New York (1982), and now of a major exhibition at the Museo di Capodimonte, Naples. The archetypes of his dreamy and perverse world emerge from a series of interviews, while her works and installations are investigated through suggestive images that the words help to enhance and amplify in a strong visual process that involves the viewers.

Boogie Woogie

un film di Duncan Ward

[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” color=”white”]> Scheda film[/button]

In occasione della mostra For the Love of God di Damien Hirst nella Camera del Duca in Palazzo Vecchio, Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival e EX3 Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea presentano, in collaborazione con l’Assessorato alla Cultura e Contemporaneità del Comune di Firenze, FST Mediateca Toscana Film Commission, l’anteprima italiana del film Boogie Woogie di Duncan Ward per il quale Hirst è stato art curator.

Sarà l’unica occasione per vedere il film sul grande schermo, non avendo ancora un distributore in Italia. La serata all’Odeon Firenze inaugura il progetto Video Library. Film dall’archivio dello Schermo dell’arte Film Festival, 28 appuntamenti ad ingresso gratuito, che si terrà a EX3 Centro per l’arte Contemporanea dal 16 gennaio al 27 marzo 2011, tutti i venerdì sera e la domenica mattina, nell’ambito del quale, oltre a film di edizioni passate del festival, saranno presentati due documentari su Damien Hirst: Life, Death and Damien Hirst di Roger Pomphrey, Gran Bretagna, 2000, 51’ e Damien Hirst: Addicted to Art di Lucy Allen, Gran Bretagna, 2006, 48’.

[tab title=”INFORMAZIONI”]Martedì 14 Dicembre 2010 – ore 21.00
Odeon Firenze, Piazza Strozzi 1

Anteprima italiana di Boogie Woogie di Duncan Ward, una grande commedia satirica sul mondo dell’arte contemporanea internazionale. Un film su vizi e virtù di galleristi, collezionisti e piccoli arrivisti interpretati da star quali Gillian Anderson, Alan Cumming, Stellan Skarsgård, Christopher Lee, Heather Graham, Charlotte Rampling. Art curator d’eccezione del film Damien Hirst.

Introdurrà la serata Francesco Bonami, curatore della mostra For the love of God di Damien Hirst, attualmente in corso a Palazzo Vecchio.

Proiezione in lingua originale inglese con sottotitoli in italiano

[tab title=”FOTO”][responsive]boogiewoogie_02[/responsive]





[tab title=”TRAILER”]


Exit Through the Gift Shop

Lo schermo dell’arte  in collaboration with Fondazione Sistema Toscana Mediateca, Pier Francesco Aiello for P.F.A. FILMS and Feltrinelli Real Cinema and thanks to the support of GOLD and OPINION CIATTI, presents the film: Exit Through the Gift Shop by BANKSY


Thursday, May 12, 2011
9 p.m. (Second show at 11 p.m.)
Odeon Firenze, piazza Strozzi

Original sound  with Italian subtitles

The italian premiere of the film Exit Through the Gift Shop, by Banksy,  the most mysterious street artist  in the world.

Banksy is world-famous, but nobody knows his real identity. All that’s known is that he was born ca. 35 years ago in Bristol, that he creates his art through guerrilla-style assaults on symbolic locations in cities throughout the world, and that his work, despite his highly critical take on the art world, is desperately sought-after by collectors, including the stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

With this premiere at the Odeon Cinema in Florence, Lo schermo dell’arte continues to present films in which the themes of cinema and art converge, as happened in 2010, with Iranian artist Shirin Neshat’s intense film Women Without Men, and, later, with British director Duncan Ward’s corrosive Boogie Woogie.011.

Exit Through the Gift Shop is distributed in Italy by P.F.A. Films, and soon to be available on home video in Feltrinelli’s Real Cinema series, the film garnered extraordinary acclaim at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and the Berlin Film Festival, and has been nominated for the Best Documentary Oscar, 2011.

This is the inside story of Street Art – a brutal and revealing account of what happens when fame, money and vandalism collide. Exit Through the Gift Shop follows an eccentric shop-keeper turned amateur film-maker as he attempts to capture many of the world’s most infamous vandals on camera, only to have a British stencil artist named Banksy turn the camcorder back on its owner with wildly unexpected results.

Banksy is a graffiti artist with a global reputation whose work can be seen on walls from post-hurricane New Orleans to the Palestinian segregation wall in the West Bank. Fiercely guarding his anonymity to avoid prosecution Banksy has so far resisted all attempts to be captured on film.

Exit Through the Gift Shop is one of the most provocative films about art ever made, Exit Through the Gift Shop is a fascinating study of low-level criminality, comradeship and incompetence. By turns shocking, hilarious and absurd, this is an enthralling modern-day fairytale… with bolt cutters.
The film contains exclusive footage of Banksy, Shephard Fairey, Invader and many of the world’s most infamous graffiti artists at work, on walls and in interview. The world’s first street art disaster movie.

Quote by Banksy “It’s the story of how one man set out to film the un-filmable. And failed”.

Exit Through the Gift Shop

  • A Banksy Film
  • Produced by JAIMIE D’CRUZ
  • Narrated by RHYS IFANS
  • Executive Producers HOLLY CUSHING & JAMES GAY-REES
  • Sound JIM CAREY
  • Music Supervision & Original Score GEOFF BARROW
  • Original Music Composed & performed by RONI SIZE
  • Online Editor ADAM EDDY
  • Colourist ADAM GLASMAN
  • Additional Filming AIKO NAKAGAWA
  • Dubbing Mixer ALAN SALLABANK
  • Supervising Sound Editor JACK GILLIES

Life Remote Control
Directed and Edited by THIERRY GUETTA
Featuring (in order of appearance)

  • ZEUS
  • BORF


Garage Screen – Artdoc

Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival was invited by the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow to participate in ARTDOC, a project conceived to investigate the ways in which cinema illuminates contemporary art.

From October 20-23, 2011, 17 documentaries will be presented at the Garage Center in Moscow, many of them from the Festival’s archive, on several of the most important protagonists of the international contemporary art scene, among them Olafur Eliasson, Christian Boltanski, Maurizio Cattelan; and investigative documentaries on the art market and the development of the art scene in  Russia and China. The film program stems from a collaboration between Garage, Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival and Ben Lewis Television.

ARTDOC’s program includes the international panel “Why does cinema need ARTDOC?” Participants include Silvia Lucchesi, Leonardo Bigazzi, Ben Lewis, Eugene Mitta, Tamara Dondurey and Andrey Silvestrov. Why has the production of documentaries about contemporary art increased so much in  recent years? What are the various typologies of ARTDOC? Why is Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival so successful in a museum-city like Florence? These are some of the themes which will be discussed.

ARTDOC is the second appointment of GARAGE SCREEN, a project curated by Olya Borissova of the Education Department of Moscow’s Garage Center, which investigates the problems of our time through the presentation of documentary films about contemporary art.


2011 October, 20 – 23
Garage Center for Contemporary Culture

Visit the website of Garage Center for Contemporary Culture


October 20

Oscar Niemeyer. A vida è um sopro

by Fabiano Maciel, Brasile, 2006, 52′

October 21

Bending Space. Georges Rousse and the Durham Project
by Penelope Maunsell e Kenny Dalsheimer, USA, 2007, 56′

Olafur Eliasson. Space is Process
by Jacob Jørgensen, Germania, 2010, 76′

October 22

House on the Furmanniy Lane
by Andrey Silvestrov, Russia, 2010, 52′
This film – one of the first attempts to understand informal art of the USSR during Perestroika – got its name from the famous Furmanniy Iane, where a squat arose in the late 80s which united young artists of the time.

Vinogradov and Dubosarsky: Picture for an order
by Eugeni Mitta, Russia, 72′
The second film of Eugeni Mitta and Alexander Sheyn’s documentary series, “Anthology of contemporary art”. The protagonists are artists Vinogradov and Dubosarsky. In an hour, viewer will see the working process of the artists in their studio, trace the history of Russian contemporary art and learn about the structure of the art market.

The Great Contemporary Art Bubble
by Ben Lewis, UK, 2009, 90′

Why does cinema need ARTDOC?

  • Silvia Lucchesi – art historian, author of numerous books and articles on contemporary art, curator of exhibitions, producer, director and founder of Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival.
  • Leonardo Bigazzi – projects manager, responsible also for fundraising and promoting international relations and development Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival; curator of various exhibitions and projects.
  • Ben Lewis – director of documentaries, art critic and author of numerous articles on contemporary art.
  • Eugeni Mitta – gallery owner, scene-designer, actor, artist and director.
  • Tamara Dondurey – art historian, film critic, editor of the directorate of movie screenings of the “First Channel”.

Chine, Empire of Art
by Sheng Zhimin, Emma Tassy, Francia, 2009, 56′

October 23

Art Safari
by Ben Lewis, UK, 240′
The title Art Safari speaks for itself. Ben Lewis not only made movie-portraits of contemporary artists, but, like a hunter, found in their biographies the most interesting titbits, turning his stories into ironic opuses. Eight half-hour sketches about Maurizio Cattelan, Relational Art, Gregor Schneider, Matthew Barney, Wim Delvoye, Takashi Murakami, Santiago Sierra, Sophie Calle.

Oleg Kulik – Challenge and Provocation
by Eugeni Mitta, Russia, 2008, 70′
The first film in Eugeni Mitta and Alexander Sheyn’s documentary series “Anthology of Contemporary Art”. The main character is Oleg Kulik, an artist famous for his provocative “Man-Dog” performances.

Les vies possibles de Christian Boltanki
by Heinz-Peter Schwerfel, Francia, 2009, 52′

GLITCH. Interferences between art and cinema

October, 11th 2014 – January, 6th 2015
PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea
via Palestro 14, Milan

GLITCH. Interferenze tra arte e cinema, curated by Davide Giannella, is the widest overview so far in Italy dedicated to one of the central themes of contemporary art, bringing together works by Italian artists of the last generation, designed to explore the relationship of language and context between two different worlds : the art and the cinema.

In the exhibition the film winner of the 2012 edition of Lo Schermo dell’Arte Prize
Mastequoia Op. 09 – 013 by Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli, Giacomo Sponzilli and Gabriele Silli


stories of collectors

On occasion of Artissima2013 the Pinacoteca Agnelli presents I ♥ Collections, three documentary-films from Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival archive.


November 8-9-10 2013
Reference Library
Pinacoteca Agnelli

Pinacoteca Agnelli
Via Nizza 230/103,Torino
T. 011 00 62 008 / 011 00 62 713

Free entrance subject to availability.
All the films are with Italian subtitles.


Friday, November 8 h. 4:30pm

Herb & Dorothy
di Megumi Sasaki, Stati Uniti 2009, 87′

 Saturday, November 9 h. 4:30pm

The Art of the Steal
di Don Argott, Stati Uniti 2009, 101′

Sunday, November 10 h. 4:30 pm

The Desert of Forbidden Art
by Amanda Pope and Tchavdar Georgiev, Russia, USA, Uzbekistan 2010, 80′

Internet Festival 2014: Yes Men Fix the World

October, 10th ottobre 2014 at 8.30 pm
Cineclub Arsenale
vicolo Scaramucci 4, Pisa

Within the context of the 4th edition of the Internet Festival, that takes place from October 9th to 12th, Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival presents

Yes Men Fix the World by Andy Bichlbaum, Mike Bonanno, UK, France, USA, 2009, 87’

Awarded with the prestigious audience award at the Berlin International Film Festival 2009, the The Yes Men Fix the World is a screwball true story that follows a couple of gonzo political activists as they infiltrate the world of big business and pull off outrageous pranks that highlight the ways that corporate greed is destroying the planet. Along the way the duo discover the culprits behind the cult of greed, and in a wildly uplifting ending, they find a way for everyone to defeat the cult and save civilization from its own worst excesses.

Original language with Italian subtitles
Free Entrance

Iniziative organized within the context of the Settimana della Cultura in Toscana, promoted by Regione Toscana and Toscana Promozione.

Lo schermo dell’arte at Palazzo Strozzi

Lo schermo dell’arte and Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi present Les statues meurent aussi by Chris Marker and Alain Resnais, and It For Others by Duncan Campbell. The program is organized within the Estate Fiorentina 2015, and on the occasion of the exhibition Sculpture Also Die (Strozzina, Palazzo Strozzi, until July 26). The films will be introduced by Lorenzo Benedetti, curator of the exhibition, and Silvia Lucchesi, director of Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival.

[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” ]Les Statues meurent aussi[/button] by Alain Resnais, Chris Marker and Ghislain Cloquet, France, 1953, 30’
[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” ]It For Others[/button] by Duncan Campbell, 2013, 54’
The courtyard of Palazzo Strozzi
Piazza Strozzi, Florence
Thursday July 16 2015, at 9.00 pm

Free entrance
Original language with Italian subtitles

Courtesy of Duncan Campbell and LUX, London


Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival: Midsummer Nights
1st edition

[tab title=”INFORMATIONS”]2010 June 29 / July 2
Terrace of the Biblioteca delle Oblate
Firenze, via dell’Oriuolo 26
From 9 pm till 11.30 pm

After the major success scored last winter at the Cinema Odeon during the “50 Days of International Cinema” event, Lo Schermo dell’Arte returns with “Midsummer Nights”—a film program dedicated to contemporary arts, curated by Leonardo Bigazzi—which will be held from June 29 to July 2 on the terrace of the Biblioteca delle Oblate.

The films, with Italian subtitles, have rarely been seen in Italy. So this is a precious chance to deepen one’s knowledge of current art themes, hear the voices of its protagonists, and watch some of the major figures of the international contemporary arts scene at work, including Matthew Barney, Maurizio Cattelan, Kiki Smith, Bill Viola and Gianni Berengo Gardin.

Moreover, the program is scheduled to include encounters with artists, directors, curators and other experts on contemporary arts, who will present the films and answer questions from the audience.

[tab title=”PROGRAM”][accordion open=”1″][accordion-item title=”Tuesday, June 29″]Introduzione di Valentina Valentini, docente di Teoriche dell’immagine elettronica per lo spettacolo, DISAS, Università “La Sapienza”, Roma. A seguire:

Bill Viola. The Eye of the Heart
di Mark Kidel, Gran Bretagna 2003, 59′
Senza dubbio il più famoso video artista del mondo, Viola ci guida nel suo universo visuale tra preziosi materiali d’archivio e backstage di alcune delle sue opere.

The Body as Matrix. Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Cicle
di Maria Anna Tappeiner, Germania 2002, 47’
Matthew Barney si è imposto all’attenzione della scena artistica internazionale attraverso l’uso di un linguaggio originalissimo di cui Cremaster, un ciclo di cinque film realizzati nell’arco di 10 anni a partire dal 1994, rappresenta la massima espressione. Il film è un’occasione per penetrare nell’universo dell’artista americano attraverso interviste e sequenze tratte dai suoi film.

[accordion-item title=”Wednesday, June 30″]Introduzione di Lorenzo Giusti, curatore e storico dell’Arte. A seguire:

[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” color=”white”]Megunica[/button]
di Lorenzo Fonda, Italia 2008, 55’
Originale diario del viaggio di formazione e di scoperta intrapreso alla fine del 2006 dal noto street artist Blu con gli amici Silvia Siberini (Sibe) e Ivan Merlo, attraverso cinque paesi dell’America Latina.

Art Safari: Maurizio Cattelan
di Ben Lewis, Gran Bretagna 2005, 26’
Cattelan non concede mai interviste e quando lo fa dichiara apertamente di mentire.
Nel film parlano in sua vece Massimiliano Gioni, critico e curatore, galleristi e collezionisti delle sue opere, spesso divenuti parti di esse in lavori che combinano scultura e performance.

[accordion-item title=”Thursday, July 1″]Introduzione di Daniela De Lorenzo, artista, e Silvia Lucchesi, storica dell’arte e curatore. A seguire:

[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” color=”white”]Our City Dreams[/button]
di Chiara Clemente, Stati Uniti 2008, 85’
Questo pluripremiato film segue e racconta cinque celebri artiste che hanno scelto la città di New York come luogo del proprio lavoro: Swoon, Ghada Amer, Kiki Smith, Marina Abramovic, Nancy Spero riuscendo a cogliere la straordinarietà delle loro vite.
Una riflessione sulla forza artistica dell’esperienza umana nel rapporto con un luogo.

[accordion-item title=”Friday, July 1″]Introduzione di Giampiero D’angeli, regista, e Massimo Agus, docente di Storia e Tecnica della Fotografia, Università degli Studi di Siena. A seguire:

Mimmo Jodice
di Giampiero D’Angeli, Italia 2009, 53’
Mimmo Jodice parla del proprio lavoro cercando nei luoghi più suggestivi della sua Napoli le origini della civiltà mediterranea. Il tempo non esiste più, i resti archeologici, gli antichi volti scolpiti nella pietra e il mare sono i soggetti che ispirano le sue immagini.

Gianni Berengo Gardin
di Giampiero D’Angeli, Italia 2008, 55’
Gianni Berengo Gardin riparte dalla sua Venezia e rievoca i momenti vissuti e i suoi tanti reportages, come quelli sugli ospedali psichiatrici, il movimento del 1968, gli zingari. Sempre con profondo rispetto e mettendo sullo stesso piano l’occhio, il cuore e la mente, secondo l’insegnamento di Henri Cartier-Bresson.

[tab title=”SUPPORTERS”]Notti di mezza estate è incluso nella manifestazione
Firenze Estate 2010

Realizzata e promossa da
Comune di Firenze

Il programma è stato reso possibile anche grazie al sostegno di

E alla collaborazione con

  • Cooperativa Archeologia
  • FST-Mediateca Toscana Film Commission
  • EX3 Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea
  • Festival dei Popoli


Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival: Midsummer Nights
II edition

[tab title=”INFORMATIONS”]2011 July 4, 11, 18, 25
Le Murate / Florence, piazza Le Murate Square
Starting at 9.00 pm

Free admission
All films are shown in original language, with subtitles in Italian. Headphones are available

A program of films by artists and documentaries about contemporary art curated by Leonardo Bigazzi. At the second edition, after straight Sold Out shows at the Altana delle Oblate (June 29 – July 2 2010) the series moves to the Murate, continuing the important collaboration between Lo Schermo dell’Arte and the Comune di Firenze after the success of “VideoLibrary” at EX3, Center of Contemporary Art of Florence (January 30/ April 21)

Some films of past editions of autumnal festival hold every year at Cinema Odeon will present again, as solicits more times by our audience. All films are shown in original language, with subtitles in Italian. The program will feature also this year encounters with curators and other contemporary art experts, to further explore the themes dealt with in the films and answer questions from the audience.

The project has been produced in collaboration with FST-Mediateca Toscana Film Commission[/tab]

[tab title=”PROGRAM”][accordion open=”1″][accordion-item title=”Monday, July 4″]Introduction by Fabio e Paolo Gori, Collezione Gori, Celle

The Gates. Christo e Jeanne Claude
by Antonio Ferrera and Albert Maysles, Stati Uniti, 2007, 95’
In February, 2005, New York’s Central Park became the setting for the latest work produced by Christo and Jeanne-Claude: The Gates, 7500 saffron-colored portals installed along the park’s paths, transforming its physiognomy and atmosphere. As with their other large-scale installations, the technical and bureaucratic difficulties, as well as the diverging opinions of the city’s residents, become an intergral part of the artwork. The piece exists in a social dimension, on several layers. In the case of The Gates, the ways in which people react to the park’s new aspect constitute the work’s deepest, essentially human sense. The film was shown in Florence as part of the 48th Festival dei Popoli.

[accordion-item title=”Monday, July 11″]Introduction by Silvia Lucchesi, director, Lo schermo dell’arte

[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” color=”white”]Lobbyists[/button]
by Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson, 2009, 19’
The video (which was among the Rome Prize winners of 2009), shot between Brussels and Strasbourg, explores the activities of “lobbyists” who seek to influence the legislative activities of the European Parliament. Castro & Ólafsson were the protagonists of Iceland’s Pavillion at the  Venice Biennial. In this film, a bona-fide documentary, they mix studies from historic sources with interviews and current film footage. The use of the soundtrack, which contains an original text by reporter Tamasin Cave, spoken by English actress Caroline Dalton and played by the Icelandic reggae group Hjálmar, is extraordinary.

[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” color=”white”]The Anarchist Banker[/button]
by Jan Peter Hammer, 2010, 29’
Based on a story written by Fernando Pessoa in 1922, the film revisits the plot and dialogues in a contemporary key. Following the Financial Crash of 2008, a noted American banker and the Anchorman of a fictitious TV talk show confront each other in a subtle duel of logic and psychology set to investigate, through the figure of the banker, whether it’s possible to reconcile anarchy with a free market.

[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” color=”white”]Le ceneri di Pasolini[/button]
by Alfredo Jaar, 2009, 38’
The figure of Pasolini, his life and his tragic death, are narrated by the Chilean artist in film documentary form, which interpolates footage shot by Jaar, sequences taken from Pasolini’s films, archival material and interviews, such as the famous one conducted by Enzo Biagi in 1972. Pasolini’s words, taken from several interviews and film documents, seem extraordinarily prophetic, in regard to the current social and political situation in Italy.

[accordion-item title=”Monday, July 18″]Introduction by Massimo Agus, Docent Professor of Photographic History and Technique,  Università degli Studi di Siena

[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” color=”white”]The Woodmans[/button]
by C. Scott Willis, Stati Uniti, 2010, 82’
Awarded the Best New York Documentary Prize at the TriBeCa Film Festival 2010, The Woodmans follows the convolutions of the work and character of photographer Francesca Woodman and her artist family. C. Scott Willis reconstructs the profile of the artist, who died at only 22, alternating film clips, photographs and precious excerpts from her diary with interviews with her mother Betty, her father George and her brother Charles.

[accordion-item title=”Monday, July 25″]Introduction by Jacopo Antolini, director of the Modern & Contemporary Dept., Pandolfini Casa d’Aste, Firenze

[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” color=”white”]Chine, Empire de l’Art?[/button]
by Emma Tassy and Sheng Zhimin, Francia, 2009, 52’
During the last 20 years, the Chinese art scene has undergone profound changes. Chinese artists have achieved incredible fame and their works command stratospheric prieces. The fimlm traces the events leading up to this rise, analyzing the historic, economic and cultural events that set it in motion, with particular regard to the Underground figures who emerged in the 80s and 90s, the identities of current artists and the prospects of the new generations.

[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” color=”white”]Cultivating the Desert. Instant Culture in an Arabian Wonderland[/button]
by Michael Krass, Paesi Bassi, 2007, 52’
Through its portrayals of various local and foreign professionals, the film offers a look at the emerging Middle Eastern scene of Dubai, and questions the potential of art and its role in the context of a vivid, often contradictory reality.

Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival: Notti di Mezza Estate
4th edition

Curated by Leonardo Bigazzi.

The programme for the Estate Fiorentina 2013 is dedicated to documentary cinema. The four films tell artist and architect’s visions and progects that have been able to challenge political regimes and big multinational corporations, or, simply, the rigid systems and conventions of the art world. As in the last edition it will be screen a premiere as well as films from the archive of Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival.

In collaboration with FST-Mediateca Toscana Film Commission and with the contribution of Opinion Ciatti design brand.

Open-air Cinema in Piazza SS. Annunziata, Florence
July 8, 15, 22 e 29, 2013

[tab title=”PROGRAMME”]

[mini-icon icon=”time”] Monday July 8 at 9:30pm
[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” color=”white”]The Yes Men Fix the World[/button]
by Andy Bichlbaum, Mike Bonanno and Kurt Engfehr, UK, USA, France, 2009, 87′
Florence premiere.

[mini-icon icon=”time”] Monday July 15 at 9:30pm
[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” color=”white”]Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child[/button]
by Tamra Davis, USA 2010 90

[mini-icon icon=”time”] Monday July 22 at 9:30pm
[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” color=”white”]Unfinished Spaces[/button]
by Alysa Nahmias, Benjamin Murray, Cuba, USA, 2011, 86′

[mini-icon icon=”time”] Monday July 29 at 9:30pm
[button link=”″ size=”small” target=”_blank” style=”light” lightbox=”true” color=”white”]Ai Weiwei Never Sorry[/button]
by Alison Klayman, USA, 2012, 90′


Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival. Notti di mezza estate
6th edition

A series of art films and documentaries dedicated to contemporary art and its protagonists. The films in this year’s program tell of projects and works by artists who make interaction with public spaces a central theme of their artistic practice. The political and social implications of their actions, the dialogue with the urban space and the landscape, and the complex interactions with a large and diverse audience are all factors which these artists have chosen to confront, subverting schemes of all-too-often over-self-referential artistic institutional contexts.
The program is curated by Leonardo Bigazzi

The project is realized within the Estate Fiorentina 2015 organized by Comune di Firenze. In collaboration with FST-Mediateca Toscana Film Commission, and thanks to the contribution of ottod’Ame.

Dan Deacon performs at the Oakland Happening in Station to Station.

Piazza Santissima Annunziata, Florence
June 29, July 6, 13 and 20 2015

Free admission
All films are shown in original language, with subtitles in Italian


[tab title=”PROGRAM”]
[mini-icon icon=”time”] Monday June 29, 9.30 pm
Banksy Does New York
by Chris Moukarbel, USA, 2014, 80’
In October 2013, famous street artist Banksy created a residential project that involved producing a work a day on the streets of New York. With graffiti, sculptures, performances and spectacular actions, Banksy’s public art project involved thousands of people, and generated an extensive “treasure hunt” in the city, before many of the works were destroyed or removed to be sold without authorization. Chris Moukarbel followed the artist’s interventions, from the Lower East Side to Staten Island, from Williamsburg to Willets Point, and recorded the audience’s reactions, interviewing and listening to the views of ordinary people and those who in various ways are involved in the social and cultural life of the city. Banksy’s project is a collective invitation to take part in a shared experience, and at the same time to open a fierce critique of the capitalist system and the hypocrisy of the contemporary art world.

[mini-icon icon=”time”] Monday July 6, 9.30 pm
De larges détails. Sur les traces de Francis Alys
by Julien Devaux, French/Belgium, 2006, 55’
A striking portrait of Franco-Belgian Francis Alÿs, who currently lives and works in Mexico City. An artist and cosmopolitan flaneur in various disciplines, a tireless wanderer and crosser of spaces, he uses a wide variety of materials and ideas in his work. Through the eye of the camera, we follow him in the throes of action, video, installations and urban interventions from Mexico City to London, from Lima to Berlin. Collectors, friends, employees try to tell us who he is. In the awareness of “being nothing and not wanting to become anything,” his art, suspended between restlessness and weight, is a constant challenge to the banality and conformity of the eye, an attempt to reveal the importance of the details of life that build a sense of self. Julien Devaux, following the wandering artist’s trail, outlines a journey to discover places and people. This course becomes a metaphor of what producing art means to Francis Alÿs: to explore boundaries, seize events and happenings, make it possible for the process of ideas and thoughts behind the work to become active, and trigger something in the world by showing yourself to others.

[mini-icon icon=”time”] Monday July 13, 9.30 pm
The films will be presented by the director, Francesco Fei, along with Sergio Risaliti and Arabella Natalini, curators of the shows by Gormley and Penone at Forte Belvedere

Prospettiva vegetale
by Francesco Fei, Italy, 2014, 20’
Produced for Giuseppe Penone’s solo exhibition at Fort Belvedere and the Boboli Gardens in Florence, the film follows the artist during its installation, and offers insight about his work and the complex operations required to stage the show. Originated from the artist’s continuous reflection on the concept of sculpture, and his deep understanding of memory and the identity of the places for which they’re intended, Penone’s works generate a dialogue with the space and with the nature of intimate relationships and corresponding materials. The film had its international premiere in March this year at the Festival International du Film sur l’Art (FIFA) in Montréal.

Antony Gormley and the 4th Plinth
by John Wyver, UK, 2009, 48’
Antony Gormley’s works are full of restlessness and poetry. His fragile Installation Field won him the Turner Prize in 1994; his Angel of The North, a monumental outdoor sculpture, is among the most popular in Britain. From his London studio, the artist presents the One & Other project which, in the summer of 2009, transformed Trafalgar Square’s fourth plinth into a kind of magic pedestal. Prepared in 1841 to host an equestrian statue which was never made, the plinth has been used to house temporary sculptures since the end of the 1990s. The prestigious program has engaged important international artists such as Marc Quinn, Thomas Schütte, and Yinka Shonibare. Revisiting the tradition of Speaker’s Corner, Gormley created the most eclectic, diverse and democratic portrait of the UK ever. Over the web, he recruited over 2,400 volunteers from all over the country. For one hundred days, for one hour each, they all had the opportunity to turn themselves into living sculptures.
The film is presented in conjunction with the exhibition of Antony Gormley/Human, at Forte di Belvedere, sponsored by the city and organized by MUS.E. 

[mini-icon icon=”time”] Monday July 20, 9.30 pm
Station to Station

by Doug Aitken, USA, 2014, 71′
This first feature film by American artist Doug Aitken won the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale in 1999. The film follows a 4,000 mile journey, from New York to San Francisco, on a train designed as a “kinetic light sculpture”. 62 portraits, 1 minute each, recount the travel experience of a creative community, with happenings, impromptu concerts and site-specific interventions along the way. Friends and colleagues, including artists Lawrence Weiner, Olafur Eliasson, Urs Fischer, Christian Jankowski, Ed Ruscha; musicians No Age, Giorgio Moroder, Patti Smith, and Beck, to name a few. The film explores the infinite languages of contemporary creativity, and the very meaning of making art. Station to Station is a live project in continuous evolution that explores the various forms of creativity. From June 27 to July 26 the project will take the stage at the Barbican Centre in London, where happenings will happen for 30 consecutive days. The film Station to Station is distributed in Italy by Wanted and the art Screen Film Festival.